ABH Complete Podiatry Services offer    

  • Essential foot care for patients who are incapacitated in some way to attend to their own feet

  • General foot and nail care, including nail surgery

  • Ingrown toenail prevention, management, and treatment

  • High-risk foot care - vascular and neurological assessment and wound management for a patient with diabetes

  • Soft tissue therapies, such as deep-tissue massage, mobilisation, trigger point therapy, dry needling, ultrasound therapy, and laser therapy.

  • Minor nail surgery and conservative treatments for ingrowing toenails

  • care for people who may have pain in their feet from conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis

  • Removal of corns or calluses and treatment of fungal nails.

  • Professional advice on appropriate footwear.

  • Bio-mechanical problems – heel pain, pronation, gait, and computerised plantar pressure analysis

Referrals are not required however we are always happy to accept them

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